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How to thoroughly clean a stainless steel sink

Symbolsink Co Limited | Updated: Mar 28, 2017

How to thoroughly clean a stainless steel sink

Step 1: Use a scouring pad to clean off any dirt on the sink’s surface. Never scrub the stainless steel sink with steel wool.

Step 2: Sprinkle baking soda and mix it with water, making a paste.

Step 3: Scrub the sink using a toothbrush, remember to scrub following the pattern of the grains.

Step 4: After scrubbing the sink, place some paper towels or cloth on the sink and soak it with vinegar.

Step 5: Clean off the sink once again using detergent.

Step 6: If the drainage emits any foul odor, slice up some lemons and place in the strainer, it would suck up the smell.